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Thanks for visiting my thought bubbles. I do hope they are interesting and enjoyable to read. I decided to write this blog because many thoughts pop into my mind and sometimes out of my mind at random times. My friend once called these thought bubbles. Capturing these thought bubbles and writing them down is quite refreshing and sometimes makes me see things from a different angle. I’m also keen to share them and see what other people think about the topics.

I’ll write about a variety of topics but I imagine they will largely be around travel, tourism, social justice and international development. But that’s a loose idea- who know what thought bubble will pop up when I’m in the mood to write it down!


Published by ruthismyname

My head is always full of thoughts. I walk around and thoughts pop in my mind and sometimes, at random times, thoughts pop out of my mind. My friend once called these thought bubbles. So, I decided that I should try and catch some of them, write them up and share them. The thoughts I'll be sharing may cross a range of genres and topics, but will probably be mainly about travel, social justice and ideas about development.

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